Live immersive show (Oct '19)


The Monastery, Rye, UK

Previous performances: 

14:30pm & 19:00pm 12th, 13th, 26th, 27th Oct 2019 

The experience, includes a live DJ set post show.

The show contains scenes of nudity, sexual/violent nature - not suitable for young children.


TRANSCENDENCE tells Oscar Wilde’s classic tragedy SALOMÉ through a dark, voyeuristic lens, offering the audience  an immersive experience unlike anything else. Announcing the first immersive dance experience in the ancient and sacred space of 3 the storied monastery in Rye.  TRANSCENDENCE is an experience for all senses, watch the story unfolding through the scented spaces, while enjoying wine and food from Herod's banquet. 

Throughout the performance audiences are able to move freely within this incredible building, creating their own journeys into the tainted world of SALOMÉ while challenging their perceptions and identities within an evolving space.




Directed by:   EDIFICE Dance Theatre

Produced by: EDIFICE Dance Theatre, Alex MacArthur Interiors and Steven Moffett Productions

Concept and choreography: EDIFICE Dance Theatre 

Costumes: Jess EatonNathalie David

Composer: Philip O'Meara

Performers: Harriet Waghorn, Carmine De Amicis, Fabio Dolce, Andre Kamienski, Tom Wohlfahrt, Vasiliki Papapostolou 

EDIFICE Dance Theatre, Alex MacArthur Interiors and Steven Moffett Productions have co-produced this re-imagined immersive version of the original production of SALOMÉ which EDIFICE created in Spring 2019 with support from Arts Council England, The Cockpit Theatre (London) and St Mary in the Castle (Hastings).