Film (2019)


DIRECTED BY:   Rogerio Silva 

PRODUCED BY: EDIFICE Dance Theatre in collaboration with Black Screen Productions



The film, loosely based on Oscar Wilde’s play Salomé, captures the electric moment Salomé and Jokanaan first meet. As the fateful encounter begins, sexuality and dogma inevitably collide in a spiralling dance of obsession and rejection. Progressively, Salomé’s wicked gaze permeates the principles in which Jokanaan’s built a life of virtue and restraint.



Choreography: EDIFICE Dance Theatre

Performance: Harriet Waghorn, Carmine De Amicis

with Andre Kamienski, Nanci Berti and Sergio Jaraiz


Music by: Symphocat 

Vocals: Oksana Ferenchukt

Cello: Katerina Kartushina

Shot, Edited and Graded by: Rogerio Silva

Production Design: EDIFICE Dance Theatre

Shot on Location at Asylum Chapel, London

© 2019 by HW 

Photography by: Noel Shelley, Rogerio Silva, Carlos Delgado, Jessy Boon Cowler, Olya Glotka, Pari Naderi and Livelywood Pictures, Patrick Dodds, Peter Mould, Quan Van.

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