B I N A R Y


Binary is a short dance film created in 2017. The choreography was commission by Contact International Dance Film Festival which happens in Toronto, Canada. 

EDIFICE Dance Theatre has been invited to present repertoire and past film work as well as create this new choreography specifically for the 2017 edition of the festival.


Inspired by the ballroom notion of dancing with feet on two separate tracks, BINARY investigates the negotiation of space between travelling bodies like the feet in Ballroom and Latin American Dances. Transition of weight from a foot to another is a requisite for balance, while in this choreography dancers challenge the notion of balance by joining each other's track investigating the unexpected direction of their shared journey. 

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© 2019 by HW 

Photography by: Noel Shelley, Rogerio Silva, Carlos Delgado, Jessy Boon Cowler, Olya Glotka, Pari Naderi and Livelywood Pictures, Patrick Dodds, Peter Mould, Quan Van.