F I L M  W O R K


Film collaboration with Director

Alfred Bailey. This 40 minutes film

was set in the XIV century monastery

of Rye and it is a collaboration with

Alex McArthur Interiors. 



Music video choreographed for music producer NzoBella. 

Filmed in London with DOP

Matteo Bangrazi.

B I N A R Y 

Commissioned by Contact International Dance Film Festival and shoot in Toronto by filmmaker

Olya Gyotka.


Dance short film and our second collaboration with director Rogério Silva. The film, loosely based on Oscar Wilde’s play, captures the electric moment Salomé and Jokanaan first meet. As the fateful encounter begins, sexuality and dogma inevitably collide in a spiralling dance of obsession and rejection.

P L A S T I C  O C E A N S

Music video choreographed for

The Riptide Movement. The film, shoot in Ireland, is also a campaign against ocean pollution. 

E D I F I C E 

First collaboration with Director Rogerio Silva now counting

12 Million online views. 

This short dance film is about relationship built very much like a house. Isolated forms bend, flow and connect to create a unified mass. A structure that shelters and nurtures those within.

© 2019 by HW 

Photography by: Noel Shelley, Rogerio Silva, Carlos Delgado, Jessy Boon Cowler, Olya Glotka, Pari Naderi and Livelywood Pictures, Patrick Dodds, Peter Mould, Quan Van.

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